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7 awesome 2016 bodybuilding sneaker collaborations from Heyday Footwear

Dec 31, 2016

Heyday Footwear has been at the forefront of sneaker design, e-commerce and marketing since the brand's 2008 inception.

Collaborations with other brands have enabled Heyday to expand beyond it's core consumer by leveraging the customer base and marketing awareness of other larger brands. It's marketing 101, or perhaps 401 because it's really an advanced method of growing your brand but you need to have something that others want.

In our case, it's a premium, in demand hightop gym sneaker brand that will take you from the toughest training day to the hottest night out in style.

Our collabs over the years have ranged from streetwear (Wrath Arcane, Sugar Cane Denim Co., Nooka Watches), to video games and TV (Saint's Row to Fraggle Rock) and in fitness with Shawn "Flexatron Rhoden, and Flex Til You're Famous.

In 2016 we gave you our most memorable line up of collabs.


Gabe Mutant FB.jpg

January 2016 - Super Shift x Mutant first made exclusively for the Mutant athletes and later in the year for the public.


March 2016 - Tactical Trainer collaboration with FitCops, workout clothing and gear for cops by cops.



April 2016 - Super Shift collaboration with Celestial Bodiez and Celeste Braun


August 2016 - Super Shift collaboration with Domin8 Fitness and Nate Harewood, the 2015 WBFF Canadian Coach of the Year.

Military Muscle 1 JT4.jpg

November 2016 - Tactical Trainer collaboration with Military Muscle, a veteran owned fitness apparel brand.

Mutant JT duo persp.jpg

December 2016 - A special, special edition of the Tactical Trainer only for Mutant athletes as a holiday gift from the brand.

SF Y3T 1 FB.jpg

January 2017 - The Y3T Super Freak is the first release in a long term partnership with Neil "Yoda" Hill one of the most successful coaches in the IFBB pro bodybuilding league. He has coached to victory the 5x Olympia 212 champion Flex LewisNeil Hill's battle-tested system achieves maximum muscle gain by cycling intensities, rep ranges, rest pauses and time under tension with the positive and negative phase of the movement. 

2017 is going to be even bigger and better!

Our shoes have been featured inside video games, worn by celebrities, and made it onto the set of music videos and even movies!  What can a custom shoe collaboration do for you?

  • Improve your brand's image
  • Generate revenue
  • Provide additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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