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3 Leg Moves You Need To Try

Jan 20, 2017
Earlier this week we recieved and shipped out 100 special sold out pairs of the Y3T Super Freak, our first collaborative gym sneaker with Neil Yoda Hill. Neil is a muscle building Jedi Master who is the longtime coach of 5X Olympia Champion Flex Lewis and IFBB Pro William Bonac along hundreds of others worldwide. 

Y3T training – or Yoda Three Training – was developed by Neil and and is based on cycling three different styles of training:

  • Week 1 – Compound exercises involving the use of heavy weight.
  • Week 2 – A mix of compound and isolation exercises using a more moderate weight.
  • Week 3 – A mix of compound and isolation exercises with a focus on higher reps and high intensity.
Neil sends out an extemely informative daily email covering nutrition, training and posing which you can sign up for at
Today's email was about introducing new angles for tension to basic exercises for leg day training.

Try the following 3 leg exercises. 


1.5 Rep Variation Hack Squats 

Hack squats in general are a great exercise for overall thigh stimulation, however adding in a 1.5 rep variation of the hack squat is going to introduce a totally new form of stimulation. It will generate a significant amount of tension between the isometric phase and concentric phase, as you squat down, come half way back up and then go down again before coming all the way back up. There will also be some transfer to your glute and hamstring area, which is a good thing in many ways as a compound movement. 

High Stance Narrow Stance Leg Press 

Leg pressing is obviously a great compound exercise, however I want you to try moving your feet up just 3-4 inches and bring them inwards so your stance is more narrow. This will immediately allow you to push harder through your heels, bringing more tension through belly of the thigh and into the hamstrings/glutes. It will also bring more tension on to the outer region of your thighs at the same time. 

Single Leg Extensions 

Extensions are a great isolation exercise, however the single leg option ultimately allows you to create a more isolated type of tension. You can accentuate the tension within the upper area of the thigh by pushing your feet outwards slightly as you extend upwards during the concentric phase with this exercise. 
These are just 3 examples of leg exercise variations you can do to introduce new stimulus. 
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